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Infant Program

Our infant program is as distinctive as your baby!

We know your baby is unique and thus we would never expect your child to follow our schedule. Rather, we will conform to your baby’s individual requirements for feeding, sleeping, and social interaction with the ultimate goal to emulate your schedule at home.

Learning begins at the earliest stages of life. At Little Trails Learning Center, we not only care for, but also lay the foundation for learning. Thus, our infant activities are carefully and thoughtfully planned to address this base of learning. Throughout the day, trained caregivers will not only see to your child’s every need, but will continually interact with him/her through music, speech and play. These interactions ultimately lay the foundation for language development.

Our infant environment is centered on the well-being of your child. From the toys to the materials provided, we offer a welcoming and varied play area. As your child grows our program grows with him/her, which leads for a smooth transition to the toddler program

Finally, each day the staff will provide you with a written record of your child’s activities and movements.

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